2012-A good year of the Dragons :-)

First of all I wanted to thanks to my  friend, Christopher Haigood who always came up with great ideas of creating successful product for poser/daz3d community.
Based on the Commission Concept by  el-grimlock.

Image 1/14:
3d modeling stages: I always started with a box modelling.

Image 2/14:
3d modeling stages: detailing and refining the shape

Image 3/14:
finished clean model. No 5-sided and less triangles.

Image 4/14 : Next step is Uv mapping: It is a 3D modeling process of making a 2D image representation of a 3D model.

Image 5/14:
Digital sculpting using Zbrush

Image 6/14:
finished piece. Rendered with Zbrush.

Image 7/14 : Once the UV mapping is completed. I started texture painting using ZBrush and photoshop. Technically this is called " Diffuse map"

Image 8/14 : I then reuse the finished "diffuse map" and desaturated the map and continue to tweak and paint to make " Specular Map"

Image 9/14 : More maps

Image 10/14 : Then I started to plug all the finished maps inside Poser for rendering purpose.

Image 11/14 : Preparation for rendering inside poser.

Image 12/14 : Material/shader setup inside poser.

Image 13/14 : And I hit " render"

Image 14/14 : different angle..